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Little by little, life is getting back on track, but keeping a safe distance remains an issue these days. Thus, RUKSA encourages public spaces to be equipped with contactless, innovative self-service cloakroom systems.

A self-service hanger system has been installed in the self-service cloakroom of the MO Museum: there is no need for the service staff to work hard, and visitors are not annoyed by queues in the cloakrooms. Having contributed to the implementation of this project, we invite you to see how the self-service cloakroom works.

Self-service cloakrooms (in other words: self-service hangers) are a functional, safe and innovative solution for public spaces. This patented self-service locker is very easy to use: the system consists of an individual lock and a locking card.



Architect: Dovilė Skrupskelienė 

Photos: Norbert Tukaj 

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